Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I just pimped my Cricut!

I recently bought a vinyl sampler pack and have been itching to try it. So this morning I whipped out my Opposites Attract cartridge and monogrammed the front of my bug. I kept it fairly simple for my first go-round, plus I wanted the colors to match my future color palette so I stuck with black. I cut a 5" cursive 'L' in black, then shadowed it in gray. I stuck both layers on the front panel and added some adhesive rhinestones for bling. It was easy to stick on, and seems like it will be fairly easy to remove when I get around to upgrading to the E.

As a bonus, my sanity will be saved at open crops now that I don't feel I have to keep such an eagle eye on my Cricut. Who is gonna try to walk off with this thing?! The only downside is that I feel a little like Laverne DeFasio with my big ol' 'L' on there, but I suppose a lot of croppers won't even get the reference. Sometimes it pays to be part of the over 30 crowd!

Shameless plug: I bought a sampler pack of 32 sheets of 6x12 vinyl from They also have a promo code right on their website for 20% off, so I think I spent about $28 including shipping. I thought this was a great way to try the vinyl and see a bunch of the colors in person. Their vinyl is also rated for outdoor use, so go ahead and pimp your ride too. OR your front door, or your garage door, or...


  1. Very Cute!! I'm so stealing your idea!

  2. oh my goodness....I LOVE it!!! i think i might steal your idea someday!!


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