Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where Has Lori Been?!

You MAY have noticed I've been a bit negligent of my blog this week.  While hubby had to stay behind & go to work, the kids & I joined my family on a mini-vacation!  Can you guess where?

Yep, we headed to downtown Chicago.  It's only an hour's drive for us, but we met some of my family there for a few days.  The kids' favorites were our trip to Navy Pier and the Museum of Science & Industry.  And they actually got  me up in the giant ferris wheel.  I am actually petrified of heights, but once I got in I was fine, as it's the safest looking ferris wheel I've ever seen - and all of the cars were enclosed so not much danger of me falling out, lol.

Hopefully, I will be back at it on Monday or Tuesday!  I haven't had time for crafting yet, and I work tonight & all day tomorrow.  I guess I better get it in gear, as I still have to get ready for CHA the following week, and I don't want to leave you post-less while I'm gone.  See you in a couple of days!

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