Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy Signs with Cricut and Markers

So, we recently had a garage sale at our house.  In an effort to spare people from trying to decipher my handwriting, I decided to make up some signs for various things using my Cricut and a black Cricut marker.

Saving myself from tagging 30 or so oddly shaped items...
Attempting to keep breakables unbroken!

We had a couple more, but you get the idea.  Look pretty good, huh?  Considerably better than my chicken scratches!  Here's the skinny  on making these easy signs.  I used plain 11x14 posterboard that comes in a 5-pack at the drug store, along with my 12x24 mat. 

You're going to want to use a Gypsy (or Design Studio, or Cricut Craft Room) so that you can get things reasonably centered and make sure they will fit in your space.  The key to  making signs like this is to be sure and pick a font that is easily readable in outline form.  I chose to use Mickey Font, but there are plenty of other good choices.  I have used one of the styles from Hello Kitty Font with good results as well.  I would also suggest keeping your letters at least 2 inches tall for good readability.

Once you're all set, switch your blade to a black marker, load your mat, and "cut".  Unload the mat, peel off your poster and you're all ready to go!  You can bet I'll be using this again soon - our PTO Home Shopping Expo will be coming up before I know it...

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