Friday, November 30, 2012

A Year Full Of Cards - December SOTM Blog Hop

Hello, and welcome to the December Stamp Of the Month blog hop!  If you have arrived here from Teresa Scrivens' blog, or if you are just starting out, you are in the right place!  When you are done here, you'll hop along to Carla Ironside's blog and see what she has to share with us.

This month's stamp set is Year Round Cheer, a fun set of 12 stamps perfect for every month of the year!  I chose to cut each of my stamps into two stamps, so I can easily stamp the image portion in one color/location, and the sentiment portion in another color/location.  I enjoyed these stamps so much, I couldn't make just one project; I made TWELVE!

Since making twelve cards delayed me a bit (and I have to leave for work in a few minutes), I'm just going to show you the pictures and I'll add the full details later tonight.  Stop back by if you want to know exactly what I used for a certain card.  I would like to point out that each card uses a different stamp from the set AND a different sketch pattern from Make It from Your Heart Volume 1, an awesome book full of patterns and ideas for both scrapbooks and cards.

Now, here they are:

I think a set of cards like this would make a great last-minute gift, and you can probably make most of them with scraps and a package of our cards & envelopes!  Now, don't forget to head over to Carla Ironside's blog!


  1. I love the world's best Dad one the best!

  2. Fantastic Cards...and love your tip about cutting the stamps. Thanks for sharing.


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