Monday, November 24, 2008


Time is one of those things which I never seem to have enough! Here are a few little things I've been doing to save myself some time. As a bonus, they help save a little money as well!

1. I try not to shop with children. I love my kids, but when they are with me I inevitably spend twice as much and am stuck in the store for twice as long. For those of you without kids, this may also apply to husbands! It helps that I work evenings, so I do my grocery shopping before I head home. Silly brand name items, snacks we don't need, etc. always add a ton to my bill. Plus, I never have to walk down a toy aisle or check out every kind of cookies in the store.

2. I try to plan my errands so I can get several done at once. My old clunker van doesn't get the greatest mileage, and there aren't too many places to shop here in our little town, so I am forever driving. Cutting out an extra 25 minutes or more round-trip once a week is great! I also try to combine this with #1 by running these errands on Friday morning. It's my only 2 1/2 hours each week that all three kids are in school and I'm not babysitting. I can get in & out of twice as many places by myself... even if I do give up my "alone" scrapbooking time!

3. Shop online! Or at least "preshop"; it's way easier to compare prices on the internet. And for many stores I can use discounts/rebates I receive through Melaleuca Marketplace, myPoints, eBates, or other loyalty sites. (To get referred to any of these sites, just drop me an email at the I can get you hooked up!) Oh, and this week be sure to get a head start on your Black Friday shopping by checking out posted ads at or many other sites out there. Just Google "Black Friday ads" and you'll get a list as long as my arm! More stores are also having Thanksgiving day sales this year. For you crafters, Michael's will be open Thursday night and their Cricut cartridges will be $29.99!

How about you? Any time-saving tips you'd like to share? I'm sure with the holidays in full swing, we can all use some more pointers.

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