Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, I've finally entered the blogosphere! It seems I'm all about saving these days: money, time, my sanity. So, I've decided to share some of the things that are "saving my..." I hope you find it useful, humorous, interesting enough to stop back once in a while, whatever.

So, for my first post, I thought I would talk about saving my... money. Gratefully, gas prices have once again fallen into "normal" range, but I could use a little extra jingle in my jangle if you know what I mean! Here are two things we've done that are showing a NOTICEABLE difference and might be a good idea for you too.

#1: We've changed all (well, most) of our light bulbs to CFLs.

OK, I know, you've probably heard this a million times already. But if you haven't done it yet, what the heck are you waiting for?! Seriously, it may take some getting used to, since the CFLs are a brighter, whiter light, but once you have them you'll never want to go back. In fact, I wish they made the little decorative bulbs in CFL form. And now that the price of the globe style has finally dropped I need to replace the last few holdouts in the kitchen.

As a bonus, this has not only saved us some serious cash, but since the CFLs are cooler to the touch I don't worry so much about one of the kids getting burned touching the bulb on a lamp.

#2: We've become members of an online/catalog shopping "community".

If you belong to Sam's Club, you know how a shopping membership can save you money. Just the other day, Daryl picked up some Bisquick at Sam's for about the same price as the largest box at the grocery store. Of course, it was about twice the size, so that was great savings! (Plus, if I have Daryl go, he only buys what we're out of instead of getting distracted by the clothes, office supplies, etc.)

So, what if I told you that you could join a club like this where you could shop online and not have to lug home your giant jug of laundry detergent? Plus, it's super concentrated so you won't throw out your back getting it out of the cupboard! It's also safer for your home and saves you money! My 96 oz. detergent washes 192 loads of laundry and saves me more than $20 over the brand I normally use. And yes, it WORKS!

They have tons of other products too, all designed to save you money and be safer for your family and the environment. For more information, visit the Melaleuca link over there on the side of the page, then contact us to find out ALL the great details. If you don't know our phone number, shoot us an email at

That's it for today as I have rambled on long enough and it's late. Next time, I'll be talking about saving memories. Really, it's just an excuse to show off some great Disney scrapbooking I've been working on!
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