Friday, September 3, 2010

My First Cut Using My New Cricut Gypsy

So, I finally received my Cricut Gypsy, and now I don't know why exactly I held out for so long (other than price, of course).  I've only played with it a little, but I did manage to get it synched, and I even transferred a file I created in Design Studio into it and cut it out.  The next step will be figuring out to to create a file on the Gypsy itself, but you know, I AM going to be 40 next week, so I hope my "old" eyes can handle the smaller screen!

You may remember this layout I showed a while back for a scrapbook class I was having.
I already had the photos chosen, and almost as soon as I had this finished I KNEW I need to create my title using Gypsy Font!  So as soon as I got my file transferred, I cut my title, inked it up, and glued it down.  And I was right, it's just PERFECT.

It looked so pretty, I almost hesitated to journal in my own handwriting.  But that's part of what I feel makes scrapbooking so special.  I almost always journal by hand, rather than printing things out on the computer; I think it feels much more personal this way.

I LOVE my Cricut, and I love it even more with my Gypsy!  Even more so, I love the community I've found in the Cricut Circle.  I admit, it was an expense I found very difficult to justify at first, but ProvoCraft has made it so worth my time and money.  The special message board for the Circle is so much more intimate and easier to use than the regular MB (which I never visit anymore).  And PC has allowed Circle members to help them donate Cricuts to schools through our suggestions, and will soon offer a similar program for hospitals.  (I personally plan to request on for St. Jude Memphis.)

We also have another awesome Circle benefit coming up soon, involving the Imagine world launch on HSN on September 14th.  And you can find out the details by joining the Circle now (I'm not allowed to share the info outside of the circle).  Circle memberships are now open again, on an invitation only basis.  If you'd like to receive an invitation to join the Circle, please email me and I'll have one sent to your email address.  There is no obligation; the email simply allows you into the registration area so you can see the details for yourself.  Believe me, it's a decision you won't regret.  But hurry, registration closes again after September 13th!


  1. Love the way your title turned out, Lori!!! I need a Gypsy too :)

  2. Looks great. Love the flowers around the mats!

  3. Very Nice! My sis has a Gypsy and loves it....guess I'd better start saving my pennies!

  4. Yes, I really like my Gypsy! I take it with me on trips and play just seeing what I could do on it. Guess I should do more! Trying to figure out (with the help of sis Teela who lives way far from me) what I have to do to get other people's cut files from computer onto my g.


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