Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watch This Space!

I'm too excited about my most recent project not to share, but I just can't show the whole thing yet.  My post is scheduled for September 30th, both here and over on the Cutters Creek blog.  (I have to stick to the team calendar, lol.)  So, the best I can do for today is a sneak peek and a reminder to watch this space on September 30th.

Now even better is when I tell you that BOTH of these pictures are from the SAME project.  Do I have you intrigued yet?  Then be sure to return on the 30th.

I'm also working on a post for this afternoon about a new thing I've been playing with.  I'll just say this: it's super easy AND super fast, so I LOVE it!  Be sure to check back later for my post!


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