Monday, February 15, 2010

My "New" Scrap Room

I have finally finished reorganizing my scrap room! Well, almost; there is still paper to put away (there's always paper to put away, lol) and a few other things I haven't tucked away yet. But the major work is done, and I'm now set up to scrap to my heart's content. The room is now convenient for two scrappers to work at once, or, what I really can't wait for, to use as various stations during a crop.

Thanks to my husband, I was able to spend about $400 at Ikea. I bought the largest Expedit bookcase in black-brown and 2 Expedit desks to attach. I also purchased some clear drawers that fit in the bookcase to store my alterables, chipboard, acetate, etc.

I already had a stash of the Cropper Hopper vertical paper storage files. I had a mix of black and frosted since I built up my stash over time and based on what was on sale. Generally, I have my cardstock in the black and other papers in the frosted files. I love my cute labels I made for the majority of the paper files! I left my Close To My Heart paper files labeled with the old P-Touch labels for now. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to label those.

I tossed my rotary cutting mat on this desktop, as this is where I'll work when I'm scrapping alone. I can reach all my paper quickly, and all my fun embellies are in arm's reach! (You can barely see here, I have my homemade clip-it-up at the end, in the center of the two desks.) As a bonus, I can whip out my exacto knife any time without needing to find a cutting mat.

The other desktop is set up with my Cricut Expression and a jukebox. My cartridges are all store in Scraponizer cases, and they fit right in the nearest cube. There's plenty of room to use my 12"x24" mat with this setup, but if I' m scrapping with a friend we can easily move it all to an alternate location.

On this side of the bookcase, I also have my Stickles (stored upside down in a window marker stand I appropriated from a store once it was empty), my fibers, and my favorite idea books. Also over in the top cube of the center row are all of my sketch books for layouts and cards, plus some consultant publications I like to refer to.

I have loads more underneath, including my rolls of Cricut vinyl, my baby Cricut, another clear drawer, my embellishment boxes, and more.

The computer desk holds lots of assorted stuff, including some artwork from the kids, boxes of cards I've made, and assorted computer paraphenalia. You can also see my Christmas present - a nice new desk chair! (I'll probably switch the locations of the two chairs; just haven't bothered yet!)

Can you believe this is the size of my first scrap space?! This countertop was installed in a closet in our first house. My space requirements, as well as my collection of "stuff" has grown dramatically over the years! I keep all of my ribbons and buttons over here, along with my CTMH order forms, hostess info, etc. I also have a little bookcase stashed underneath to hold my favorite magazines and crochet patterns. The plastic drawers here hold my CTMH order bags and my large ziploc bags for paper and swaps. This is also a great place to work if I feel like standing for a while. (Also a great place to set my iPod Shuffle and speakers.)

Here's my stamping station. The shelves hold all of my stamp sets separated by category. The envelopes the CTMH stamps come in fit great in the little $1 CD crates from Wal-mart. So I also put all of my other brands of stamps in these envelopes so they can fit in the same boxes. I also have a zipper 3-ring binder for my large alphabet stamp sets, and some SU! storage cases for my stamping wheels. (The top shelf holds boxes of duplicate photos and more.)

My remaining wooden stamps are in a cart of drawers right below the table. These are also separated by category. The other cart holds my stamping accessories, mini albums, and my "hot" tools in the bottom drawer.

My paint rack holds all of my paints, reinkers, stamp cleaner, glossy accents, etc. The other spinning rack is from Close To My Heart and holds all of my ink pads and markers. I also have my gel pen case and pack of permanent markers, my stamp scrubbers, baby wipes, and stamp blocks set out.

This area holds my Sizzix Big Kick, my few dies, and my embossing folders. On the wall is my parts bin where I store all of my chipboard and acetate letters, numbers, etc. I also have soem miscellaneous stuff in the larger bottom drawers. The tall cart on the left houses my adhesives, card blanks, cutting templates & tools, and more miscellaneous.

The "file" rack on the wall holds completed layouts I've made during home gatherings, etc. that don't yet have photos on them. It's actually getting rather full, so it's probably time to start using some!

The closet hasn't changed - this is where the hubby & I keep assorted other craft stuff. It's mostly counted cross stitch books (hubby's) and crochet books & stuff (mine). I also have some assorted larger alterables and completed items.

Finally, the peg board wall. this is where I used to keep a lot of my paper packs and coordinates before I got my bookcase. It currently holds my Cricut mats, brochure racks, rulers, and specialty items like shrinky dink plastic and "sticky pages". I also try to keep my camera handy here (although I still sometimes can't remember where it is, lol), along with my color wheel, and my Glue Glider Max I use for larger projects.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at my space! It's been a lot of fun setting up, and it's even more fun to use.


  1. This is FANTASTIC! You have a fabulous space to be creative! Enjoy! and Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, great room! I love that you bought 2 for the cricut and one for scrapping. Perfect idea!

  3. where did you get your ribbon storage rack? i have been looking for one. Rosemary at

  4. Oh Lori....Your ARTHaven ROCKS girl and your little model stylin' your purse is adorable!!! I just came by to Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very sweet comment!!! I enjoyed my journey here...I hope you are having a very blessed evening...

  5. WOW you have a great space!!!

  6. Awesome! I love how organized you are! Thanks for sharing your space!!

  7. wow, great craft room Lori!!
    you have lots of fun in there for sure!!!!

  8. lots of great storage ideas - I love the little plastic CD bins from Walmart. I'll have to see if my Walmart has these.

  9. I can't believe I've never commented on your beautiful room before Lori! I love it!!


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