Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kids Day!, part 1

Today, I'm turning over my blog to my girls for a bit.  They wanted to participate in the kids crafting contest at the Cutters Creek blog, so they're each writing their own post today!  I hope you (and the kid in your life) enjoy!

First up, Holly, age 9:

I used these stamps to the picture. I stamped with momenoto ink and colored it with stickels.

Note from Mom: yes, I really let my kids use Stickles, and they still seem to last forever!  Here's a closeup of her colored in people:


  1. What a fabulous card, Holly! Love the sparkle!

  2. Your project is lovely Holly. I enjoy using stickles too.

  3. Adorable card Holly -- I love the way you colored with the Stickles!


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