Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Uses for the Cricut Imagine

I have a last couple of Christmas projects to share using my Imagine and the Best Friends cartridge.  The first is a simple t-shirt decal.

I think this saying would be even cuter for a baby girl, lol; it just tickles me to no end!  I made this using the Cut Color Wear product from - of course they have just now started carrying printable t-shirt vinyl, which is a thinner product.  But this thicker product not only works well with HP inks, but can also be colored with markers; makes it great for letting kids color their own artwork for a t-shirt.

My second project is a set of magnetic paper dolls in a box.  I decorated the outside of the box using printable Cricut vinyl.  I've recently been told that this is now available at Hobby Lobby - glad to hear it because after this experience I NEED some more ASAP!  Check out this cute label:
The main image is taken right from the Best Friends cartridge - SO cute!  Then I cut letters using the Hello Kitty font cartridge and a pattern from the Best Friends cartridge.  (This is one minor complaint I currently have - do you notice that the pattern is slightly different sizes in some of the letters?  The pattern resizes based on the size of the item you are cutting, but because letters are different relative heights, the pattern does not size uniformly.  I really hope this is fixed soon!)

Finally, the paper dolls:

There is a huge variety of little girls on this cartridge.  I chose several and print/cut the versions in their underwear on printable magnet material.  I then selected several outfits and accessories to print/cut as well.  Unfortunately, there is no option for the pants only, so in addition to cutting the entire outfit, I cut some of the shirts separately so they can be layered if desired.  The first picture is the outfit and the second picture has another shirt added over the top.  There are also a ton of cute little accessories you just know you'll need to cut as well!

My printable magnet material also came from - to save money, I signed up for their newsletter to get coupon codes and notice of sales.  I try to buy multiple products at once to save on shipping.  I also always use the cheapest base shipping cost, and it always gets to me very quickly!  Of course, they are in North Dakota, and I am in Illinois, so if you are ordering from either coast you may want to find out more shipping details before you finalize your order.  They do have live help available during business hours, and I have asked questions while they are offline and gotten an answer right away the next day.

Hope you enjoyed these project ideas and can Imagine more possibilities!  Oh, just to point out - these images are a bit distressed looking, the magnets are not scratched up or anything.  However, this magnet material is rather thin, to make it easily cuttable, so the top layer WILL crack if you bend it too far.  Also, my "test" (using my fridge) indicates that this material isn't really meant to hold much of anything except its own weight.  I had it holding one standard piece of paper to the fridge, but that was all.


  1. Lori, I love your projects. The T-shirts is so cute. The magnets are really cute too.

  2. Great shirt! That is my daughter's favorite thing to tell her brother.

  3. Love, love, love them!!! Of course, my kids are the lucky recipients of these :) I need to get you a shot of Evil in her shirt... maybe I will put it on her for New Years!

  4. Such a fun project!! I appreciate all the information about working with printable vinyl you shared. It is a perfect project for a little girl and could be changed for a little boy since I have a grandson to plan for. Thank you, Irene


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