Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Card For the Sports Fan

So, today is hubby's birthday.  I was sick almost all weekend, so this morning I had to come up with a quick card in time for dinner & gift tonight.  He's off to the Volo Auto Museum with a friend, and I have no idea how early he'll be back so I wanted it done ASAP.

Hubs is a big Blackhawks fan; in fact, he went to the game with a couple of buddies yesterday.  (Good for me, so I could drag my sick self & the kids out shopping.)  Anyway, since I needed something quick & simple I decided to replicate the back of a hockey sweater for his card.  Here's the end result:

The front of the card was done using Make The Cut software and the Collegiate FLF font for the letters and numbers.  It's a passable copy of the Varsity Cricut cartridge.  (I have a better font somewhere, but I couldn't remember the name & I needed FAST!)  I left off the border on the name, because they're plain white on the real thing.  The stripes are cut with my trimmer.

The inside of the card was cut using the Sports Mania cartridge, background feature.  I trimmed the final cut rather than resizing so the goalie masks stayed in proportion.  The sentiment stamps are from Close To My Heart (discontinued).  If you're interested in Make The Cut, it can be purchased through Cutters Creek over at their blog.

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  1. This turned out really cool, Lori!!! I bet your hubby will love it too :)


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