Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Word for 2011...


Last year, I tried "organize", which didn't really seem to get the job done.  We have a problem with clutter, and I am just as guilty as everyone else in this house.  The problem is, that for me it causes depression (which means I overeat and gain weight, which makes me depressed...), slows me down, and makes me lose my focus.  I swear, I have NO energy anymore.  Plus, it just plain makes me mad!  I am determined to conquer the clutter this year, streamlining our household, change the way I do things, whatever it all entails.  I want to be in a happy place again, and this will help me do it!

I was actually inspired by an article I saw inline at the grocery store.  A woman last year blogged about her attempt to remove 500 pounds of clutter from her home in one year, and she managed to succeed!  I'm currently trying to find a home for a non-working TV, which would probably get me a good chunk of the way there, lol, but I'm not setting a specific number goal.  This is like weight-loss for me -- I'll do better if I keep working on it until I feel better about it and I don't know where that is yet.  I do hope to track some progress, and even share it here, but success is not about a number for me.  And I'm starting with that 50 pound behemoth in my living room -- as soon as I'm done here, I'm off to find a place with electronics collection going on soon, then I'll assign my hubby a honey-do task to get it there!  Because if I have to take it myself, I will be a very unhappy camper.

To this end, I will be blogging "light" for a couple of weeks while I tackle a couple of timely projects around here.  Besides the TV, I'm currently cleaning my craft room, hoping to keep things more organized this time around and actually get some stuff used up!  This week, I hope to tackle the pile of outgrown kids clothes and my closet for the consignment store and/or Goodwill again.  I actually just made two trips to Goodwill last month, but it really wasn't much in the way of size, and I need to make a habit of getting things there more regularly!  So at least until the craft stuff is in a usable condition, you probably won't be seeing any posts of new projects.  Hopefully I'll be back crafting by the end of the week!

But take heart!  I do have plenty of giveaways planned, starting this Thursday.  I can't afford a trip to CHA right now, and I know most of the rest of you can't go either for one reason or another.  So to make us all feel better, I'm giving stuff away!  And as an added benefit to ME, I'm getting a few more things out of my house.  I'm sure my hubby will be happy!

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