Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look Beyond the Obvious

When debating whether to buy a set of SVGs, remember to look beyond the obvious!  I purchased the set of Valentine Cone Boxes from Lettering Delights, and they have SO much potential beyond Valentine's Day.  (Only one of the boxes even has a heart on it!)  I thought this cone I made would be perfect for a May basket or a sweet Mother's Day gift.  Change the papers and decorations, and they're perfect for birthday parties, wedding favors, and more!

This cone has cute scalloped flaps, which I chose to fold down in the open position.  Before adhering them down, I sponged the edges with Baby Pink and Chocolate stamping inks.  I used my Crop-a-dile to add large eyelets on either side, and strung ribbon through as a doorknob hanger.  Then I created some paper flowers to decorate the front.

The paper flowers are easy to make.  Using Make The Cut, I imported the swirl from Basic Shapes.  I sized one at about 4 inches or so, and the other two between 2 - 2.5 inches.  I didn't worry about exact sizes.  Once cut, I hand cut the end of the swirl over to meet the next cut - no need to be perfect as this will be hidden in the middle.  I then inserted the outside end into a quilling tool (or use small tweezers) and rolled a few rounds up tightly.  After that, I removed the tool and rolled the swirl up the rest of the way, added a Glue Dot to the center circle and pushed the rolled up flowers down into it.  For larger sized flowers, you won't be able to roll it all up at once; you'll want to add Glue Dots along the way to keep it held together.

Once the flowers were rolled, I used some Liquid Glass between & on the rolls.  This is both to help it hold together better, and to add some bling.  I dipped mine in both micro beads and Prisma Glitter, then set them aside to dry.

For the leaves, I found the perfect file in the MTC gallery.  (Go to File > Import > From MTC Gallery.  This file is called Large Leaf - I deleted the circle and sized the leaves down to random sizes.  Once cut, I used my embossing stylus to add veins to my leaves, then sponged on some matching ink.  Finally, I added everything to the front of the cone using Glue Dots.

For those of you waiting for winner announcements, I'll be announcing them all at once when the last deadline has passed!


  1. I made some of these flowers after looking at your site today! They came out very nice. Thanks for the directions how you made yours. Great leaf in the gallery too!

  2. Oh Lori you're right!!!! These look AWESOME!!!!!


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