Thursday, February 3, 2011

Very Vintage Valentine and Project Declutter Continues

I have a Valentine posted on the Cutters Creek blog today.  Head on over and check out the details!

Also, an FYI for those of you following my clutter busting quest.  Earlier today I was inspired by a couple o other bloggers and I cleaned out not one, not two, but THREE junk drawers!!  I now have my "pencil drawer" restored to order, as well as hubby's "household tool" drawer (which mysteriously had about 50 Allen wrenches in it) and the mish-mash drawer somewhat purged of junk.  I can probably now find birthday candles, a screwdriver, grocery list envelopes, and scotch tape without a 30-minute hunt!  Still haven't hit that pantry yet, but the kids are off school with snow days, so I'm guessing it may be a bit before I get to that.  On the bright side, I have scheduled the hubs to drop off that broken TV this Saturday morning, and I have several bags ready to go to Goodwill once I'm able to get through the snow!

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