Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Girls Can Do

Last night, I hosted my 4th grader's Girl Scout troop for a scrapbook event.  We made mini (6 x 6) accordion albums, and used only paper.  The only thing I did was cut out the Girl Scout logo using Make The Cut for them to use on their front page, told them about matting some pictures, and let them loose.  (NOTE: This is allowable use of the GS logo, since it is troop level individual use.  You would not, for example, be able to cut this logo and sell it.)  My daughter later went through my paper flowers and added some, and she still needs to journal, but this is how they turned out:

This is the "outside".

This is the "inside".

It folds up accordion-style so they can either close it and lay it down, or stand it and display it on their dresser or desk.  I didn't get to see everyone's, but I am amazed at how well they did considering most of them had no clue how to use a paper trimmer or tape runner before they got there!  Never underestimate the power of girls to just get in there and do it.


  1. Fantastic idea Lori...and it turned out beautifully too!

  2. Very nice! What a great idea for the troop to make. My daughter is a Daisy and over the weekend she was do a few scrapbook pages of her troop. SHe did most of it herself, I just gave her some suggestions on how to layout out her photos.


  3. This is so awesome!!! I know she's totally tickled with it!!! Way to GO MOM!!!! ;)

  4. What a great idea! I am sure that they had a blast with it!!

    I might have to copy the idea!


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