Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Vinyl Decor

I'm back with a fun vinyl project for Halloween.  I love my Cricut, and making vinyl projects with it is SO easy - they always turn out nicely!  For Halloween, I decided that we needed some new window decor this year and that vinyl was the way to go.  I finally had time today to finish - I think I received my Expressions Vinyl order last week, lol.  I pulled out my Happy Hauntings cartridge, and my vinyl and got to work.

All of my cuts were made at 13.75" high, rotated 90 degrees for the full cuts.  Also, since I wanted to stick these on the inside of the windows but have them face outside, I assembled them "backwards".  That is, I turned the sticky side of the vinyl UP as I assembled the layers.

We have three windows at the front of the house, so I chose a vampire, a mummy, and Frankenstein's monster for our windows.  Here they all are:

They may be a little hard to see in the pictures due to glare, but they turned out really well!  Even the hubs is impressed.  Here's the vampire up close:
I wish I had been able to do his face in a different color, but I didn't care for the green in the handbook and couldn't find a light enough gray for my taste, so I just went with white.

Here's the mummy:
One tip I have here, is to cut the eyes only from the red, instead of the entire base layer in red - vinyl is too expensive for that!  I used my Gypsy to hide the body from that layer and just cut the eyes.

Here is Frank:
He has a lot of layers, but is totally worth it as he looks really cool.  And only the white and black are the full size - everything else is just parts.

Here's the view from the sidewalk:
This is one of the few times I've wished I could have a mat larger than 12x24.  But the vampire and mummy have parts that stick out so far I couldn't make them any bigger.  I think next time, I might venture into multi-mat cuts and assemble them.  Frank could have easily been made larger, as at 13.75" tall, he was only 7" wide, but the others barely fit on the 12" width.


  1. Love them. How do you layer vinyl

  2. Mary, the vinyl has adhesive on one side, so it just sticks to each other (and sometimes to itself!).

  3. Thanks Lori. I wondered if the color was the same on the back. I thought about doing window cuts for Halloween. I guess there is still time if I can get the vinyl.

  4. Lori
    These are absolutely adorable!


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