Monday, October 4, 2010

Organizer Folding Tutorial

Yes!  It's finally here; the folding tutorial for that cute Christmas organizer I showed the other day.

As a reminder, I made this using a True Fit Folio from Close To My Heart.  The benefit to using this, as opposed to one of those file folders used for storing paper, is that they are a true 12x12 size.  Which means...
that it fits perfectly in my Scor-Pal!  And that makes it easier to score and fold.

Step 1: Make sure the folder's tab is in the upper right corner.  Then score down the 4" line.  You'll want to go over the score line a few times to make sure it goes through both layers.
Step 2: Open up the file folder completely, with the tab at the upper left, and fold up along the line you just scored.  You'll want to run the bone folder along the folded edge to make sure your fold is sharp.
Step 3: With the folder open and horizontal, and the center fold on the right, score the left side at the 4" and 8" marks.  Slide the folder across so the center fold is on the left, and score again at the 4" and 8" marks.
This is what the folder should look like when you have scored all the way across the folder:
Step 4: Accordian fold the folder, beginning with the tabbed end.  This is the front cover.  Again, run the bone folder along all of your scores so they are as flat and smooth as possible.
Step 5:  Finally, you will want to make it as easy as possible to get things in and out of your pockets.  I generally cover my organizer with paper first so you only have to do this once.  I use a large 3" circle punch, turn it upside down, and punch a curved area out of the top of the 4" section we folded up along the bottom of the folder.

After punching, I usually run a strip of adhesive along each fold on this short section before I fold it back into place.  This keeps the pockets separated when you're opening it up during your planning, shopping, whatever. 

If you make a similar project, I'd love to see your ideas!  Make sure you leave a URL in the comments if you make something.

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